“Taking it slow, but it’s not typical. He already knows that my love is fire.”-The Chainsmokers

IMG_0197UGHHH Monday. It’s hot and humid and I WANT FALL. As much as this weather sucks the energy out of me, I still have lots stored up from doing absolutely nothing all weekend. On Saturday after my long run, I spent the day running errands and hanging out with my family before they went to see Earth, Wind, and Fire. The rest of the night included a hot date with the couch, my snuggie, and the movie Up (yes I am sometimes 26 going on 8).

On Sunday, after a recovery run across the Ben Franklin, we headed to brunch at Miles Table. My sister’s friend has been spending the summer with us while she does a PR internship in the city. This was her last weekend, so we wanted to make sure we got one last brunch in. After brunch, we all headed home and spent the rest of the afternoon listening to vinyl records and showing her how Pellegrino gravy is made. It was the perfect Italian style Sunday.

I hope your Monday is off to a fantastic start. Let’s make this week a good one 🙂


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