“My shadow doesn’t show in the dark. The night-time is inclined to my heart.”-Disclosure

IMG_0720Happy Monday, my loves! And a very happy (but belated I know) October! Fall aka my favorite season is upon us and I’m balls deep in fall decor, pumpkin flavored everything, and flannels/tights. I know my posts have been sporadic, but I’ve been pretty busy adulting lately. It feels good to be productive, but let me be honest for a second: it doesn’t make for very good blogging material. Sleep to be lost, work emails to be sent (at ungodly hours of night), gallons of coffee to be chugged, loads of laundry to be folded, piles of summer clothes to be packed, tubs of fall clothes to be put away…you catch my drift. Between the fall cleaning and the marathon training, I’m practically a 32 26 year-old mother of three (cats). My bar hopping nights are taking a back seat to early bed times and even earlier alarm clocks. But I know in the end it’s gonna pay off and those post-marathon mimosas will taste even better 🙂


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