“You ransacked my drawers, cluttered up my floors and made a mess of me.”-Sam Hunt

IMG_0697It’s no secret to you all how obsessed I am with Sam Hunt. This song is giving me goosebumps from my eyelashes to my toenails. I listen to it at least 8 times a day and that is not a joke.

Anywho…thank God it’s Friday. I have zero plans this weekend and am so excited to only have a 12 mile run ahead of me. Tapertown really isn’t too bad so far. I’ve heard plenty of stories about people going crazy because you have all this extra time. But it’s been fun decreasing my mileage and still upping my pace. Here’s what my log looks like from this week:

  • Monday: 4-mile run (8:33-8:43 pace)
  • Tuesday: Circuit training+spin class
  • Wednesday: 6-mile run (8:44-9:03 pace)
  • Thursday: 5-mile run (8:57-9:12 pace)
  • Friday: Circuit training+spin
  • Saturday: 12-mile run
  • Sunday: Rest

Here’s to the weekend and lots of nothing 🙂


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