Dancing With The DJ

“We don’t care if the sun comes up cause you know we’ll be dancing with the DJ.”-The Knocks

IMG_1092Finally…it’s Friday! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this day to get here for ever. My best friend from high school is on her way and we’re going to spend the night dancing to our favorite band/dj. The Knocks are playing at Foundry, a relatively new venue here in Philly. I’ve never been there before but heard it’s an absolute blast and a great place to see a show. I’m more than ready to dance off this long week.

On Wednesday,IMG_0895 I went to see a doctor because my feet are still feeling the after shock of a marathon. I lost two toenails in the last month of training and another one a week or two post marathon. I was worried that he was going to tell me to stop running and let them heal, but instead he just showed me how to better protect them while running. Oh and keep those open nail beds free from infection. The podiatrist is this girl’s new best friend!

As cold as some of the days were this week, my training was pretty great. I’ve added in the circuits I did from Nike Training Club. Just click on the links and the workout will pop up 🙂

  • IMG_0624Monday: 40-minute tempo run (4.65 miles)
  • Tuesday: AM Nike Training Club+PM 3-mile run (25:47)
  • Wednesday: 3-mile run (25:23)
  • Thursday: AM Nike Training Club+PM 3.42-mile run (29:31)
  • Friday: 8x400s at 5k pace
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 90-minute run (hoping for a 10-mile distance)

I hope everyone has some great plans for the long weekend. Cheers!


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