“I wanna dance in the open breeze, feel the wind in my hair, hear the ocean sing.”-Sia

IMG_1395Good morning, from the frozen but still sunny Antarctic Philadelphia. We got hit with some Jonas over the weekend and are still recovering. Trains are just starting to run again, so my trip back from New York was delayed (aka I’m working from GJ’s bed this morning). Not that I really want to leave New York…ever. Getting snowed in was an absolute blast. We started off the weekend with dinner at Beauty and Essex. Since it was Restaurant Week we had a limited menu to choose from, but it was amazing nonetheless. I had the kale and apple salad to start, spaghettini for my main course, and the cupcakes for desert. So freakin’ good. The snow started falling before we even left dinner, so we headed out to Queens earlier than expected. Once we were up and the coffee kicked in, we headed outside to play in clean up the snow from the driveway. We made a few trips to shovel in between Netflix binges and hot chocolate chugging contests. I could be stuck with that boy for the rest of my life and we’d never be bored. Also…shoveling is a hell of a work out. I’m more sore today than I have been in a long time. I saw someone from my running group post that she kept her heart rate monitor while cleaning off her driveway and burned 6000 calories. That sure would make up for all the junk I ate this weekend 🙂



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