“Yeah I know that I let you down. Is it too late to say I’m sorry now?”-Justin Bieber

IMG_1865Oh, my loves. It has been literal months since I’ve opened up my laptop, let alone my WordPress app, to read through everyone’s posts and write my own. Every Sunday, around 7pm, I feel little pangs of guilt for not sitting down to plan posts. Along with these pangs of guilt, come the meanest case of the Sunday Scaries. If anything, this should be my outlet. So I’m recommitting to blogging and putting The Philly Girl Shuffle back on, full blast.

IMG_1854SO much has happened since my last post in February. The snow has finally melted here in the Always Sunny (even though there were flurries yesterday!), and signs of spring are all over the city. I kicked off spring race season with the New York City Half Marathon, back in March. Not only did I manage to shave 8 minutes off my half-time from October, but I somehow ended up falling in love with NYC even more. So in love that I decided to register for the New York City Marathon in November. Never say ‘never again’. I registered with my favorite charity of choice: The American Cancer Society. I’ll be raising $3,200 and running 26.2 miles in the city that has quickly become my second home. I’ve started my fundraising efforts, and would absolutely appreciate any and all support from my blog peeps. You can visit my page and read why I choose to race with ACS here.

There’s just too much to catch up with in one post, so far now, I’ll leave you with this: my favorite new running song. Happy listening loves!



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