Mama Said

“I know my home, when I’m in doubt and struggling that’s where I’ll go.”-Lukas Graham

IMG_1963How in the world is it Monday already? There is not enough coffee in the world to save this girl right now. My body is feeling a little off after the Philly Love Run Half. I dropped back to my pace from October, but I knew that it was very unlikely I’d be beating my NYC Half time. The course had a few tough hills around mile 7.5 and 9, and I just wasn’t feeling as great. It was a little bit colder than I would expect for an April race, but by the time mile 3 rolled around the sun was warming up and so was I.

I have now ran every half-marathon course that Philly has to offer. And let me tell  you what-I don’t think I’ve ever been so in love with my city. The people, the places, all of it. As I’m making moves to relocate to another city, it’s a little bittersweet thinking about what I’m leaving behind. But Philly will always be my city, and what’s to say I won’t be coming back 🙂


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