Last Breath

“If I love it with a passion, I’ll ride for it.”-Future

This girl is on cloud 9 right now! Even though it was a torrential downpour, yesterday was absolutely perfect. I PR-ed my last race of the spring and beat my best Broad Street time. One hour and twenty-three minutes and fifty-eight seconds. My legs felt glorious and thanks to that dude to the left, I sailed through those ten miles. This gives me high hopes that I can knock off some serious time for the marathon in November. 3:45 anyone?!

After the race, we decided to go to Mixto, for some brunch and their amazing margaritas. There are a few really great places in Philly for margaritas, and Mixto is definitely one of them. Hashtag: will run for tequila. I hope everyone’s week if off to a great start! Cheers to an awesome kick off to the month of May!


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