Hell Of A Girl

“I waited so long to find love on my own.”-Grace

img_2259Umm how in the world is it Monday already? I spent the weekend running between NYC and Philly. I took an early train to New York on Friday morning, and spent the day working from there. GJ and I had date night (Captain America and Shake Shack). We were up at the crack of dawn on Saturday, so that I could run before we headed down to FiDi for his niece’s First Communion. After Mass, we went back to his sister’s place for brunch (in New York City fashion with bagels, lox, and prosecco), then caught a 2:45 bus back to Philly, so we could get to La Salle for my sister’s graduation gala. It took all but two glasses of wine before I was ready for my PJs.

On Sunday, I slept through every alarm I set to run, so there was a lot of coffee chugging before driving back up to La Salle for graduation. Thank god the rain held out, so that the ceremony could take place outside. Afterwards, we hit up Strangelove’s for brunch. GJ had to leave since he was working overnight, so I called it an early night with a load or two of laundry and some Bates Motel re-runs. I’ve worn more dresses in the past week than I have for the past three months. For a second I thought that I may be able to start a fashion segment to this blog, but then I remembered that I struggle to put pants on daily.

On an unrelated note: I have zero plans for MDW, which is highly unlike me. This must be adulthood. Sigh. Cheers to coffee and 70 degree weather 🙂


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