Suntan City

“I’m sittin’ pretty in Suntan City, got the best view in the world.”-Luke Bryan

Good morning summer sixteen! The official kickoff to summer is here and I couldn’t be more excited to spend the weekend with my favorite people, at my favorite place. I woke up bright and early for Flywheel before logging into work. Once 3pm hits, we’re all headed to happy hour to celebrate the long weekend. I’m craving a summer shandy like no other.

I plan to spend the weekend without alarms, a couple of runs, and lots of beach time. We’ll be headed down the shore first thing tomorrow morning. On Sunday, I get to spend the day with my little lovebug, Margo. We’ll be running around Philly together doing all sorts of fun things.

IMG_2267Summer weather was in full effect this week and my running most definitely hated it. I felt sluggish and was a lot slower than usual. I’ll give myself a week or so to acclimate before getting cranky. Here’s what my training log looks like from this week:

I hope everyone has a fabulous long weekend! Happy summer!


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