The Rock Show

IMG_2674Happy Friday, kids! Three-day work weeks are the hardest, let me tell you. I got back from Marco Island on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning may or may not have been the worst day of my life. The struggle was so real. The heat and humidity of the island must have snuck into my carry-on back to PHL with me. It has been nothing short of a sauna here and I’m not happy about it.

I only ran one day when I was down in Marco, because I was far too relaxed (it could have been the margaritas) to worry about setting an alarm. When I got home, I checked my inbox and saw an email that said “Oops we made a mistake. We sent you a train-for-a-3:15-marathon and not a 3:45-marathon. Here is your real training plan. Sorry!” Awesome.  Here’s what my fourth week of 3:15-marathon training looks like:

  • Monday: Laying on the beach, not running (see photo above)
  • Tuesday: 3-mile run and wanting to die
  • Wednesday: 8-mile intervals (2-mile warm-up, 2x400s, 1×800, 1×1200, 1×800, 1×400, 2-mile cool down)
  • Thursday: 4-mile hill repeats
  • Friday: 3-mile easy
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 12-mile run

I can’t get out of work early enough today. Tonight, I’m seeing Blink-freaking-182 for the first time since I was practically prepubescent. I’ve been listening to their set all week and honestly don’t know if my 27-year-old heart can handle the 13-year-old girl crush that is going to be unleashed when seeing Travis Barker’s drum solo.  I could very well drop over dead of a heart attack. Hopefully, I’ll be here for the recap on Monday 🙂

Oh and in case if you’re wondering, I’m definitely still listening to Closer by The Chainsmokers.


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