Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)

IMG_2703Remember when I was super excited about running another marathon? No? Yeah, me either. Philly’s summer weather has been crushing my dreams of running another marathon and I’m praying to the gods of all things hamstrings and calf muscles that cooler weather will bring faster paces. Until then, I’m just going to be annoyed/angry that I can barely break an 8:35 average on a three-mile run. Finn gets it —>

Here’s what my training schedule from this week looks like:

  • Monday: 3-miles
  • Tuesday: 4-miles+Nike Training Club
  • Wednesday: 8.27 miles (2 mile warm up, 1×1600 @ 7:35 pace, 1X800 @ 7:35 pace, 1×400 @ 7:35 pace, rinse repeat and 1.5-mile cool down)
  • Thursday: 3-miles+Nike Training Club
  • Friday: Rest day  
  • Saturday: 14-miles
  • Sunday: 4-miles

Since it’s going to be 126 degrees again this weekend, my plans are either going to be filled with salt water or air conditioning. Cheers y’all 🙂


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