Shipping Up To Boston

img_2832Remember that time I quit my job and just stayed in Boston forever? JK me either, but that’s exactly what I’m daydreaming about on my commute to Wilmo right now (while simultaneously applying for jobs). The trip was absolutely awesome. Our AirBnB was in South End and from the second we stepped out of the Uber, we were head over heels. Our first stop: Nero for coffee. We ventured up and down Tremont Street, finding ourselves a place to get wine and pizza and ice cream (priorities, people). We landed at Wine Riot, an event based company that just opened their first retail shop in South End. A wine store, organized by regions, with free tastings? My kinda place. Conveniently next store was Picco, the placed we stopped into for dinner. Two pizzas, and a pint of take-out ice cream later and I was ready to crash into the king size bed that looked so comfy from the second we got there. Lights out by 9:30, no shame in my game.

img_2834I woke up before the sun on Saturday, and ran a 16-mile Tour de Beantown. For not knowing where the hell I was going, and just following what felt right, I sure did see a lot. The Charles River, some of Cambridge, Boston Commons, the marathon finish line (that I didn’t even realize I ran over until later in the day). By the time I got back, GJ already mapped out plans for brunch (Parrish Cafe) and our touristy commute to Fenway. By the grace of the baseball gods, we made it to and from Fenway in one piece, unscathed, but with a loss. I had a mean hankering for seafood, so after a much-needed power nap, we walked to B&G Oysters for dinner. Gabe swears it was the best calamari he’s ever had, but I really enjoyed slurping oysters the size of my face. Oh and the heavy wine pour from our server. After dinner, we walked (so far across the cobblestone street) to The Beehive. This place was adorable. We didn’t realize how big it was until we went back for a beverage on Sunday morning. Apparently they do live jazz during brunch. Freakin sweet.

img_2854Before we left for South End Station, we stopped by this really cute place, Blackbird, for doughnuts. SO good. The ride back to New York was long and rainy. With all the madness that happened there while we were away, we were excited to get home safely and relax for the rest of the night with vino, Chinese delivery, and Netflix. I couldn’t have asked for a better mini-vacation. We got bit by the Boston bug, and can’t wait to go back. Maybe even permanently 🙂

Getting back into the swing of work has me all kinds of stressed. I’ve been feeling super restless with things lately and am craving some serious change. This weekend, my plan is to spend time revamping my room (more so my disaster of a closet), meal-prepping (because coming back from vacation mode is hard guys), and relaxing with the usual suspects (my cat).

Happy hump day!


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