11 Blocks

img_2850This was the longest 3 day week of my entire life. Pass me a glass of red and let’s dive into the weekend. I kinda wish I was headed back to Boston but am also way too excited to spend the weekend doing nothing. Training kicked my butt royally this week (thanks lady hormones). Here’s what week 9 of marathon training looked like:

  • Monday: 3-mile run
  • Tuesday: 8.2-miles of intervals (2-mile WU, 1×400, 1×800, 1×1600, 1×800, 1×1600, 2-mile CD)
  • Wednesday: 3-mile run
  • Thursday: 4-mile hills
  • Friday: 4-mile run
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 18-mile LSD

My legs felt so fresh (so clean) in Boston last weekend that I’m hoping come Sunday, they’ll be ready to go two miles farther. Cheers to cool weather, long runs, and fall cleaning. 


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